Welcoming Message

Platform Outline

We are at a critical juncture in Boston and District 5 (Hyde Park, Mattapan, Readville and Roslindale). Friends and neighbors are frustrated at the lack of action and accountability from elected officials. The community is seeing runaway development with a lack of community control, our security on the streets and in our homes has been shattered due to violence and unsustainable rent increases and the resources provided to our District do not seem equitable. There is much work to do.

I will be your independent voice for economic and social justice in Hyde Park, Mattapan, Readville and Roslindale.

I will focus my work broadly to accomplish these goals:

  • Strengthen neighborhoods through better communication and access to services and resources;

  • Build community through expanded organizing, economic development and intergenerational programs and service delivery;

  • Fight for every neighborhood in our district, every day;

  • Bring my housing expertise and experience to city council to fight for more resources for struggling tenants and homeowners;

  • Create living wage jobs and build wealth in our communities;

  • Develop innovative programs for the district that work for you and your family.

I Imagine District 5 as we would like to experience it:

  • Community control of the development process.

  • A public safety strategy created by those most impacted.

  • Neighborhoods with vibrant squares,

  • Living wage and union jobs.

  • Protected and enhanced green space.

  • Sustainable housing without displacement.

  • A Boston “Green Plan.”

  • Real transit equity.

  • A vibrant arts community that is nurtured and supported.

  • Support for our immigrant community.

  • An equity-based budgeting process with adequate resources available to enhance the district for all residents.

We can get there, through organizing, collaboration, new policy strategies, legislation, partnerships and leadership. This is my vision for our neighborhoods.

We live in a vibrant community, strengthened by multiculturalism and diversity. All our neighborhoods deserve to thrive. Seniors should feel secure and be able to afford to stay here and age with dignity in the communities they love.

Development can take place without displacement. Economic development and jobs can come to our neighborhoods. Gentrification must be rejected along with gas guzzling large housing developments. Net zero housing for all must be prioritized right now, we cannot wait for another study.

Our communities must be lifted up, not torn down.

- Mimi