Quality Education for Kids

Parents need a seat at the table and every kid deserves and has a right to a quality education. A quality education means that BPS has a responsibility to prepare the kids who want to go to college, and the kids who want to learn a trade can learn a trade and succeed in their craft. I will demand that we evaluate the ongoing challenges at Madison Park and finally fully fund our vocational school to create the jewel our students deserve. I will convene parents, community leaders and youth to meet regularly with our new superintendent to make sure the needs of our kids in Hyde Park, Mattapan and Roslindale are being met by our public schools. And where our schools fall short, I will hold the City and Boston Public School system accountable. I will fight to make Build BPS more accountable and make sure any transfer or shutdown of schools is transparent and the School Committee is held accountable. I will also work as a bridge to make sure the transportation needs of our kids are met – we need to make sure kids can get to school on time and are ready to learn.