Public Safety

Here’s what makes me different on public safety – I will fight for a measurable, demonstrable decline in crime across District 5. I will continue to collaborate with city officials to build and sustain trust which we need to make a measurable decrease in violence. We need and I will fight for a vibrant street worker program that provides meaningful outreach, builds and holds relationships and strengthens trust. Here is my pledge to you: I will lead in bringing community voices together, including conducting a needs assessment, to rebuild the trust that has led to violence and stymied efforts to increase public safety. Let us not reinvent the wheel, we know how to do this: community policing, better communication, more wrap around intergenerational programming and anti-poverty measures. And we will continue a robust conversation to create sustainable strategies and infrastructure so that when crime goes down we do not stop. We must stay vigilant and retain community voice in all this work if we can truly have a long term impact.