Protecting Our Environment

In my first term, I will use an environmental lens to evaluate how Boston does business across the board. When it comes to jobs for youth, I will make sure that we’re funding programs where our young people are in paid positions to be stewards of parks and green space such as Urban Wilds, developing skills through experiential learning to prepare them for the green jobs of the future. I will demand that if development projects are built they will be sustainable. I will fight to protect our parks and green spaces – I will work with the city and state government to bring money into the District for climate mitigation initiatives like planting more trees – I will work with the city to make sure we’re making the investments we need in our environment. I pledge to work with my colleagues in the Boston City Council to pass a meaningful wetlands ordinance and increase city funding for Urban Wilds. We also need to make sure that priority projects are funded and the CPA funds in the city are flowing equitably to each corner of our district. We need a year-round, fully-funded, district-wide green team working in our neighborhoods and providing a pipeline for young people to get involved in their communities.